Press Release Information

Feel free to include any snippets from our website in your promotions or request a specialized packet from Judy Johnston at  If, however, you wish to copy and paste something to promote The Mood Swings for your event, here is a short version and a longer version you can use:

"The Mood Swings began in the year 2000 and has been performing in North Central Washington ever since. The focus from the start was the music of the big band era with it in mind to feature the vocal style of the Andrews Sisters, Lennon Sisters and those familiar "girl groups" of the 1940s.  Since that time the group has added songs from the 1950s and 1960s, music from the early days of rock and roll and the Motown sound made popular by the Supremes and the Ronettes. At the core are the three voices of CaraMia Vance, Judy Johnston and Betsy Rainsford with support from pianist Don Pearce and drummer Greg Johnston."


"Judy Johnston was raised on the big band music that her father adored, listening for hours to the Glen Miller Orchestra and Louis Armstrong and all of the exciting vocal groups of that era... the Andrews Sisters, the Boswells, the Lennon Sisters.  In the year 2000 she joined with two other talented vocalists to form The Mood Swings.  Over the years the personnel has changed but the heart of the group, the music itself, has remained rooted in that swing music from mid-twentieth century America.  Following the success of their cd, "Hot Flash", the group decided to expand their repertoire to include early rock and roll and, lately, songs from the 1960s Motown sound.  The ladies sing mostly in three part harmony but each has a strong background in individual performance as well so you will find their solo selections, particularly the beautiful jazz ballad or sassy novelty song, enjoyable as well.  CaraMia is the most recent addition, returning from a 5 year hiatus to rejoin Judy Johnston and Betsy Rainsford with the able support of Kathryn Don Pearce on keyboard and Greg Johnston on drums.  All are from North Central Washington."

Feel free to include any photos from this website or contact Judy for additional possibilities.  Judy is also very willing to create promotional posters, flyers, mailers, etc.